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Macbeth Chart module


 Color Correction Model


class  cv::mcc::CChecker
 checker object More...
class  cv::mcc::CCheckerDetector
 A class to find the positions of the ColorCharts in the image. More...
class  cv::mcc::CCheckerDraw
 checker draw More...
struct  cv::mcc::DetectorParameters
 Parameters for the detectMarker process: More...


enum  cv::mcc::TYPECHART {
  cv::mcc::MCC24 = 0,
 enum to hold the type of the checker More...

Detailed Description


ColorCharts are a tool for calibrating the color profile of camera, which not only depends on the intrinsic and extrinsic parameters of camera but also on the lighting conditions. This is done by taking the image of a chart, such that the value of its colors present in it known, in the image the color values changes depeding on many variables, this gives us the colors initially present and the colors that are present in the image, based on this information we can apply any suitable algorithm to find the actual color of all the objects present in the image.

Enumeration Type Documentation


#include <opencv2/mcc/checker_model.hpp>

enum to hold the type of the checker


Python: cv.mcc.MCC24

Standard Macbeth Chart with 24 squares.

Python: cv.mcc.SG140

DigitalSG with 140 squares.

Python: cv.mcc.VINYL18

DKK color chart with 12 squares and 6 rectangle.