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cv::BackgroundSubtractor Class Referenceabstract

Base class for background/foreground segmentation. : More...

#include <opencv2/video/background_segm.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for cv::BackgroundSubtractor:
cv::Algorithm cv::BackgroundSubtractorKNN cv::BackgroundSubtractorMOG2 cv::bgsegm::BackgroundSubtractorCNT cv::bgsegm::BackgroundSubtractorGMG cv::bgsegm::BackgroundSubtractorGSOC cv::bgsegm::BackgroundSubtractorLSBP cv::bgsegm::BackgroundSubtractorMOG cv::cuda::BackgroundSubtractorFGD cv::cuda::BackgroundSubtractorGMG cv::cuda::BackgroundSubtractorMOG

Public Member Functions

virtual void apply (InputArray image, OutputArray fgmask, double learningRate=-1)=0
 Computes a foreground mask. More...
virtual void getBackgroundImage (OutputArray backgroundImage) const =0
 Computes a background image. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from cv::Algorithm
 Algorithm ()
virtual ~Algorithm ()
virtual void clear ()
 Clears the algorithm state. More...
virtual bool empty () const
 Returns true if the Algorithm is empty (e.g. in the very beginning or after unsuccessful read. More...
virtual String getDefaultName () const
virtual void read (const FileNode &fn)
 Reads algorithm parameters from a file storage. More...
virtual void save (const String &filename) const
virtual void write (FileStorage &fs) const
 Stores algorithm parameters in a file storage. More...
void write (const Ptr< FileStorage > &fs, const String &name=String()) const
 simplified API for language bindings This is an overloaded member function, provided for convenience. It differs from the above function only in what argument(s) it accepts. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from cv::Algorithm
template<typename _Tp >
static Ptr< _Tp > load (const String &filename, const String &objname=String())
 Loads algorithm from the file. More...
template<typename _Tp >
static Ptr< _Tp > loadFromString (const String &strModel, const String &objname=String())
 Loads algorithm from a String. More...
template<typename _Tp >
static Ptr< _Tp > read (const FileNode &fn)
 Reads algorithm from the file node. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from cv::Algorithm
void writeFormat (FileStorage &fs) const

Detailed Description

Base class for background/foreground segmentation. :

The class is only used to define the common interface for the whole family of background/foreground segmentation algorithms.

Member Function Documentation

◆ apply()

virtual void cv::BackgroundSubtractor::apply ( InputArray  image,
OutputArray  fgmask,
double  learningRate = -1 
pure virtual
fgmask=cv.BackgroundSubtractor.apply(image[, fgmask[, learningRate]])

Computes a foreground mask.

imageNext video frame.
fgmaskThe output foreground mask as an 8-bit binary image.
learningRateThe value between 0 and 1 that indicates how fast the background model is learnt. Negative parameter value makes the algorithm to use some automatically chosen learning rate. 0 means that the background model is not updated at all, 1 means that the background model is completely reinitialized from the last frame.

Implemented in cv::bgsegm::BackgroundSubtractorLSBP, cv::bgsegm::BackgroundSubtractorGSOC, cv::BackgroundSubtractorMOG2, and cv::bgsegm::BackgroundSubtractorCNT.

◆ getBackgroundImage()

virtual void cv::BackgroundSubtractor::getBackgroundImage ( OutputArray  backgroundImage) const
pure virtual
backgroundImage=cv.BackgroundSubtractor.getBackgroundImage([, backgroundImage])

Computes a background image.

backgroundImageThe output background image.
Sometimes the background image can be very blurry, as it contain the average background statistics.

Implemented in cv::bgsegm::BackgroundSubtractorLSBP, cv::bgsegm::BackgroundSubtractorGSOC, and cv::bgsegm::BackgroundSubtractorCNT.

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