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cv::gapi::detail Namespace Reference


struct  deserialize_runarg
struct  try_deserialize_comparg
struct  try_deserialize_comparg< std::tuple< T, Types... > >
struct  try_deserialize_comparg< std::tuple<> >


int checkVector (const GMatDesc &in, const size_t n)
std::vector< int > checkVector (const GMatDesc &in)
template<typename... Types>
cv::GCompileArgs getCompileArgs (const std::vector< char > &p)
cv::GComputation getGraph (const std::vector< char > &p)
cv::GMetaArgs getMetaArgs (const std::vector< char > &p)
cv::GRunArgs getRunArgs (const std::vector< char > &p)
template<typename RMatAdapterType >
cv::GRunArgs getRunArgsWithRMats (const std::vector< char > &p)
std::vector< std::string > getVectorOfStrings (const std::vector< char > &p)
template<typename... Types>
cv::util::optional< GCompileArgtryDeserializeCompArg (const std::string &tag, const std::vector< char > &sArg)

Function Documentation

◆ checkVector() [1/2]

int cv::gapi::detail::checkVector ( const GMatDesc in,
const size_t  n 

Checks GMatDesc fields if the passed matrix is a set of n-dimentional points.

inGMatDesc to check.
nexpected dimensionality.
the amount of points. In case input matrix can't be described as vector of points of expected dimensionality, returns -1.

◆ checkVector() [2/2]

std::vector<int> cv::gapi::detail::checkVector ( const GMatDesc in)

This is an overloaded member function, provided for convenience. It differs from the above function only in what argument(s) it accepts.

Checks GMatDesc fields if the passed matrix can be described as a set of points of any dimensionality.

array of two elements in form of std::vector<int>: the amount of points and their calculated dimensionality. In case input matrix can't be described as vector of points, returns {-1, -1}.

◆ getCompileArgs()

template<typename... Types>
cv::GCompileArgs cv::gapi::detail::getCompileArgs ( const std::vector< char > &  p)

◆ getGraph()

cv::GComputation cv::gapi::detail::getGraph ( const std::vector< char > &  p)

◆ getMetaArgs()

cv::GMetaArgs cv::gapi::detail::getMetaArgs ( const std::vector< char > &  p)

◆ getRunArgs()

cv::GRunArgs cv::gapi::detail::getRunArgs ( const std::vector< char > &  p)

◆ getRunArgsWithRMats()

template<typename RMatAdapterType >
cv::GRunArgs cv::gapi::detail::getRunArgsWithRMats ( const std::vector< char > &  p)

◆ getVectorOfStrings()

std::vector<std::string> cv::gapi::detail::getVectorOfStrings ( const std::vector< char > &  p)

◆ tryDeserializeCompArg()

template<typename... Types>
cv::util::optional<GCompileArg> cv::gapi::detail::tryDeserializeCompArg ( const std::string &  tag,
const std::vector< char > &  sArg