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cvflann::KMeansIndex< Distance >::KMeansDistanceComputer Class Reference

#include <opencv2/flann/kmeans_index.h>

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Public Member Functions

 KMeansDistanceComputer (Distance _distance, const Matrix< ElementType > &_dataset, const int _branching, const int *_indices, const Matrix< double > &_dcenters, const size_t _veclen, std::vector< int > &_new_centroids, std::vector< DistanceType > &_sq_dists)
void operator() (const cv::Range &range) const CV_OVERRIDE
- Public Member Functions inherited from cv::ParallelLoopBody
virtual ~ParallelLoopBody ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

§ KMeansDistanceComputer()

template<typename Distance>
cvflann::KMeansIndex< Distance >::KMeansDistanceComputer::KMeansDistanceComputer ( Distance  _distance,
const Matrix< ElementType > &  _dataset,
const int  _branching,
const int *  _indices,
const Matrix< double > &  _dcenters,
const size_t  _veclen,
std::vector< int > &  _new_centroids,
std::vector< DistanceType > &  _sq_dists 

Member Function Documentation

§ operator()()

template<typename Distance>
void cvflann::KMeansIndex< Distance >::KMeansDistanceComputer::operator() ( const cv::Range range) const

Implements cv::ParallelLoopBody.

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