OpenCV  4.1.1
Open Source Computer Vision
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#include <opencv2/core/llapi/llapi.h>

Public Attributes

const char * api_description
 API description (debug purposes only) More...
unsigned api_version
 provided API version (features) More...
unsigned min_api_version
 backward compatible API version More...
unsigned opencv_version_major
 compiled OpenCV version More...
unsigned opencv_version_minor
 compiled OpenCV version More...
unsigned opencv_version_patch
 compiled OpenCV version More...
const char * opencv_version_status
 compiled OpenCV version More...
size_t valid_size
 valid size of this structure More...

Member Data Documentation

§ api_description

const char* OpenCV_API_Header::api_description

API description (debug purposes only)

§ api_version

unsigned OpenCV_API_Header::api_version

provided API version (features)

§ min_api_version

unsigned OpenCV_API_Header::min_api_version

backward compatible API version

§ opencv_version_major

unsigned OpenCV_API_Header::opencv_version_major

compiled OpenCV version

§ opencv_version_minor

unsigned OpenCV_API_Header::opencv_version_minor

compiled OpenCV version

§ opencv_version_patch

unsigned OpenCV_API_Header::opencv_version_patch

compiled OpenCV version

§ opencv_version_status

const char* OpenCV_API_Header::opencv_version_status

compiled OpenCV version

§ valid_size

size_t OpenCV_API_Header::valid_size

valid size of this structure

assert(api.header.valid_size >= sizeof(OpenCV_<Name>_API_v<N>));

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