OpenCV  4.0.0
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cv::face Namespace Reference


class  BasicFaceRecognizer
class  BIF
struct  CParams
class  EigenFaceRecognizer
class  Facemark
 Abstract base class for all facemark models. More...
class  FacemarkAAM
class  FacemarkKazemi
class  FacemarkLBF
class  FacemarkTrain
 Abstract base class for trainable facemark models. More...
class  FaceRecognizer
 Abstract base class for all face recognition models. More...
class  FisherFaceRecognizer
class  LBPHFaceRecognizer
class  MACE
 Minimum Average Correlation Energy Filter useful for authentication with (cancellable) biometrical features. (does not need many positives to train (10-50), and no negatives at all, also robust to noise/salting) More...
class  PredictCollector
 Abstract base class for all strategies of prediction result handling. More...
class  StandardCollector
 Default predict collector. More...


typedef bool(* FN_FaceDetector) (InputArray, OutputArray, void *userData)


Ptr< FacemarkcreateFacemarkAAM ()
 construct an AAM facemark detector More...
Ptr< FacemarkcreateFacemarkKazemi ()
 construct a Kazemi facemark detector More...
Ptr< FacemarkcreateFacemarkLBF ()
 construct an LBF facemark detector More...
void drawFacemarks (InputOutputArray image, InputArray points, Scalar color=Scalar(255, 0, 0))
 Utility to draw the detected facial landmark points. More...
bool getFaces (InputArray image, OutputArray faces, CParams *params)
 Default face detector This function is mainly utilized by the implementation of a Facemark Algorithm. End users are advised to use function Facemark::getFaces which can be manually defined and circumvented to the algorithm by Facemark::setFaceDetector. More...
bool getFacesHAAR (InputArray image, OutputArray faces, const String &face_cascade_name)
bool loadDatasetList (String imageList, String annotationList, std::vector< String > &images, std::vector< String > &annotations)
 A utility to load list of paths to training image and annotation file. More...
bool loadFacePoints (String filename, OutputArray points, float offset=0.0f)
 A utility to load facial landmark information from a given file. More...
bool loadTrainingData (String filename, std::vector< String > &images, OutputArray facePoints, char delim=' ', float offset=0.0f)
 A utility to load facial landmark dataset from a single file. More...
bool loadTrainingData (String imageList, String groundTruth, std::vector< String > &images, OutputArray facePoints, float offset=0.0f)
 A utility to load facial landmark information from the dataset. More...
bool loadTrainingData (std::vector< String > filename, std::vector< std::vector< Point2f > > &trainlandmarks, std::vector< String > &trainimages)
 This function extracts the data for training from .txt files which contains the corresponding image name and landmarks. The first file in each file should give the path of the image whose landmarks are being described in the file. Then in the subsequent lines there should be coordinates of the landmarks in the image i.e each line should be of the form x,y where x represents the x coordinate of the landmark and y represents the y coordinate of the landmark. More...

Function Documentation

§ createFacemarkAAM()

Ptr<Facemark> cv::face::createFacemarkAAM ( )

construct an AAM facemark detector

§ createFacemarkKazemi()

Ptr<Facemark> cv::face::createFacemarkKazemi ( )

construct a Kazemi facemark detector

§ createFacemarkLBF()

Ptr<Facemark> cv::face::createFacemarkLBF ( )

construct an LBF facemark detector