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CvNArrayIterator Struct Reference

#include "core_c.h"

Public Attributes

int count
int dims
CvMatNDhdr [10]
ucharptr [10]
CvSize size
int stack [CV_MAX_DIM]

Detailed Description

matrix iterator: used for n-ary operations on dense arrays

Member Data Documentation

§ count

int CvNArrayIterator::count

number of arrays

§ dims

int CvNArrayIterator::dims

number of dimensions to iterate

§ hdr

CvMatND* CvNArrayIterator::hdr[10]

pointers to the headers of the matrices that are processed

§ ptr

uchar* CvNArrayIterator::ptr[10]

pointers to the array slices

§ size

CvSize CvNArrayIterator::size

maximal common linear size: { width = size, height = 1 }

§ stack

int CvNArrayIterator::stack[CV_MAX_DIM]

for internal use

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