Class Plot2d

  • public class Plot2d
    extends Algorithm
    plot Plot function for Mat data
    • Constructor Detail

      • Plot2d

        protected Plot2d​(long addr)
    • Method Detail

      • __fromPtr__

        public static Plot2d __fromPtr__​(long addr)
      • setMinX

        public void setMinX​(double _plotMinX)
      • setMinY

        public void setMinY​(double _plotMinY)
      • setMaxX

        public void setMaxX​(double _plotMaxX)
      • setMaxY

        public void setMaxY​(double _plotMaxY)
      • setPlotLineWidth

        public void setPlotLineWidth​(int _plotLineWidth)
      • setNeedPlotLine

        public void setNeedPlotLine​(boolean _needPlotLine)
        Switches data visualization mode
        _needPlotLine - if true then neighbour plot points will be connected by lines. In other case data will be plotted as a set of standalone points.
      • setPlotLineColor

        public void setPlotLineColor​(Scalar _plotLineColor)
      • setPlotBackgroundColor

        public void setPlotBackgroundColor​(Scalar _plotBackgroundColor)
      • setPlotAxisColor

        public void setPlotAxisColor​(Scalar _plotAxisColor)
      • setPlotGridColor

        public void setPlotGridColor​(Scalar _plotGridColor)
      • setPlotTextColor

        public void setPlotTextColor​(Scalar _plotTextColor)
      • setPlotSize

        public void setPlotSize​(int _plotSizeWidth,
                                int _plotSizeHeight)
      • setShowGrid

        public void setShowGrid​(boolean needShowGrid)
      • setShowText

        public void setShowText​(boolean needShowText)
      • setGridLinesNumber

        public void setGridLinesNumber​(int gridLinesNumber)
      • setInvertOrientation

        public void setInvertOrientation​(boolean _invertOrientation)
      • setPointIdxToPrint

        public void setPointIdxToPrint​(int pointIdx)
        Sets the index of a point which coordinates will be printed on the top left corner of the plot (if ShowText flag is true).
        pointIdx - index of the required point in data array.
      • render

        public void render​(Mat _plotResult)
      • create

        public static Plot2d create​(Mat data)
        Creates Plot2d object
        data - \(1xN\) or \(Nx1\) matrix containing \(Y\) values of points to plot. \(X\) values will be equal to indexes of correspondind elements in data matrix.
        automatically generated
      • create

        public static Plot2d create​(Mat dataX,
                                    Mat dataY)
        Creates Plot2d object
        dataX - \(1xN\) or \(Nx1\) matrix \(X\) values of points to plot.
        dataY - \(1xN\) or \(Nx1\) matrix containing \(Y\) values of points to plot.
        automatically generated
      • finalize

        protected void finalize()
                         throws java.lang.Throwable
        finalize in class Algorithm