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cv::xobjdetect::WBDetector Class Referenceabstract

WaldBoost detector. More...

#include <opencv2/xobjdetect.hpp>

Public Member Functions

virtual ~WBDetector ()
virtual void detect (const Mat &img, std::vector< Rect > &bboxes, std::vector< double > &confidences)=0
 Detect objects on image using WaldBoost detector. More...
virtual void read (const FileNode &node)=0
 Read detector from FileNode. More...
virtual void train (const std::string &pos_samples, const std::string &neg_imgs)=0
 Train WaldBoost detector. More...
virtual void write (FileStorage &fs) const =0
 Write detector to FileStorage. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static Ptr< WBDetectorcreate ()
 Create instance of WBDetector. More...

Detailed Description

WaldBoost detector.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~WBDetector()

virtual cv::xobjdetect::WBDetector::~WBDetector ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ create()

static Ptr<WBDetector> cv::xobjdetect::WBDetector::create ( )

Create instance of WBDetector.

◆ detect()

virtual void cv::xobjdetect::WBDetector::detect ( const Mat img,
std::vector< Rect > &  bboxes,
std::vector< double > &  confidences 
pure virtual

Detect objects on image using WaldBoost detector.

imgInput image for detection
bboxesBounding boxes coordinates output vector
confidencesConfidence values for bounding boxes output vector

◆ read()

virtual void cv::xobjdetect::WBDetector::read ( const FileNode node)
pure virtual

Read detector from FileNode.

nodeFileNode for input

◆ train()

virtual void cv::xobjdetect::WBDetector::train ( const std::string &  pos_samples,
const std::string &  neg_imgs 
pure virtual

Train WaldBoost detector.

pos_samplesPath to directory with cropped positive samples
neg_imgsPath to directory with negative (background) images

◆ write()

virtual void cv::xobjdetect::WBDetector::write ( FileStorage fs) const
pure virtual

Write detector to FileStorage.

fsFileStorage for output

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