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cv::videostab::MotionEstimatorBase Class Referenceabstract

Base class for all global motion estimation methods. More...

#include <opencv2/videostab/global_motion.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for cv::videostab::MotionEstimatorBase:
cv::videostab::MotionEstimatorL1 cv::videostab::MotionEstimatorRansacL2

Public Member Functions

virtual ~MotionEstimatorBase ()
virtual Mat estimate (InputArray points0, InputArray points1, bool *ok=0)=0
 Estimates global motion between two 2D point clouds. More...
virtual MotionModel motionModel () const
virtual void setMotionModel (MotionModel val)
 Sets motion model. More...

Protected Member Functions

 MotionEstimatorBase (MotionModel model)

Detailed Description

Base class for all global motion estimation methods.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~MotionEstimatorBase()

virtual cv::videostab::MotionEstimatorBase::~MotionEstimatorBase ( )

◆ MotionEstimatorBase()

cv::videostab::MotionEstimatorBase::MotionEstimatorBase ( MotionModel  model)

Member Function Documentation

◆ estimate()

virtual Mat cv::videostab::MotionEstimatorBase::estimate ( InputArray  points0,
InputArray  points1,
bool *  ok = 0 
pure virtual

Estimates global motion between two 2D point clouds.

points0Source set of 2D points (32F).
points1Destination set of 2D points (32F).
okIndicates whether motion was estimated successfully.
3x3 2D transformation matrix (32F).

Implemented in cv::videostab::MotionEstimatorL1, and cv::videostab::MotionEstimatorRansacL2.

◆ motionModel()

virtual MotionModel cv::videostab::MotionEstimatorBase::motionModel ( ) const
Motion model. See cv::videostab::MotionModel.

◆ setMotionModel()

virtual void cv::videostab::MotionEstimatorBase::setMotionModel ( MotionModel  val)

Sets motion model.

valMotion model. See cv::videostab::MotionModel.

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