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cv::TrackerKCF::Params Struct Reference

#include <opencv2/tracking/tracker.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 Params ()
 Constructor. More...
void read (const FileNode &)
 Read parameters from a file. More...
void write (FileStorage &) const
 Write parameters to a file. More...

Public Attributes

bool compress_feature
 activate the pca method to compress the features More...
int compressed_size
 feature size after compression More...
int desc_npca
 non-compressed descriptors of TrackerKCF::MODE More...
int desc_pca
 compressed descriptors of TrackerKCF::MODE More...
float detect_thresh
 detection confidence threshold More...
float interp_factor
 linear interpolation factor for adaptation More...
float lambda
 regularization More...
int max_patch_size
 threshold for the ROI size More...
float output_sigma_factor
 spatial bandwidth (proportional to target) More...
float pca_learning_rate
 compression learning rate More...
bool resize
 activate the resize feature to improve the processing speed More...
float sigma
 gaussian kernel bandwidth More...
bool split_coeff
 split the training coefficients into two matrices More...
bool wrap_kernel
 wrap around the kernel values More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Params()

cv::TrackerKCF::Params::Params ( )


Member Function Documentation

◆ read()

void cv::TrackerKCF::Params::read ( const FileNode )

Read parameters from a file.

◆ write()

void cv::TrackerKCF::Params::write ( FileStorage ) const

Write parameters to a file.

Member Data Documentation

◆ compress_feature

bool cv::TrackerKCF::Params::compress_feature

activate the pca method to compress the features

◆ compressed_size

int cv::TrackerKCF::Params::compressed_size

feature size after compression

◆ desc_npca

int cv::TrackerKCF::Params::desc_npca

non-compressed descriptors of TrackerKCF::MODE

◆ desc_pca

int cv::TrackerKCF::Params::desc_pca

compressed descriptors of TrackerKCF::MODE

◆ detect_thresh

float cv::TrackerKCF::Params::detect_thresh

detection confidence threshold

◆ interp_factor

float cv::TrackerKCF::Params::interp_factor

linear interpolation factor for adaptation

◆ lambda

float cv::TrackerKCF::Params::lambda


◆ max_patch_size

int cv::TrackerKCF::Params::max_patch_size

threshold for the ROI size

◆ output_sigma_factor

float cv::TrackerKCF::Params::output_sigma_factor

spatial bandwidth (proportional to target)

◆ pca_learning_rate

float cv::TrackerKCF::Params::pca_learning_rate

compression learning rate

◆ resize

bool cv::TrackerKCF::Params::resize

activate the resize feature to improve the processing speed

◆ sigma

float cv::TrackerKCF::Params::sigma

gaussian kernel bandwidth

◆ split_coeff

bool cv::TrackerKCF::Params::split_coeff

split the training coefficients into two matrices

◆ wrap_kernel

bool cv::TrackerKCF::Params::wrap_kernel

wrap around the kernel values

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