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cv::videostab::RansacParams Struct Reference

Describes RANSAC method parameters. More...

#include <opencv2/videostab/motion_core.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 RansacParams ()
 RansacParams (int size, float thresh, float eps, float prob)
 Constructor. More...
int niters () const

Static Public Member Functions

static RansacParams default2dMotion (MotionModel model)

Public Attributes

float eps
 max outliers ratio More...
float prob
 probability of success More...
int size
 subset size More...
float thresh
 max error to classify as inlier More...

Detailed Description

Describes RANSAC method parameters.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RansacParams()

cv::videostab::RansacParams::RansacParams ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ default2dMotion()

static RansacParams cv::videostab::RansacParams::default2dMotion ( MotionModel  model)
modelMotion model. See cv::videostab::MotionModel.
Default RANSAC method parameters for the given motion model.

◆ niters()

int cv::videostab::RansacParams::niters ( ) const
Number of iterations that'll be performed by RANSAC method.

Member Data Documentation

◆ eps

float cv::videostab::RansacParams::eps

max outliers ratio

◆ prob

float cv::videostab::RansacParams::prob

probability of success

◆ size

int cv::videostab::RansacParams::size

subset size

◆ thresh

float cv::videostab::RansacParams::thresh

max error to classify as inlier

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