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#include <opencv2/core/types_c.h>

Public Attributes

int delta_elems
int elem_size
int flags
struct CvSeqh_next
struct CvSeqh_prev
int header_size
CvPoint origin
int total
struct CvSeqv_next
struct CvSeqv_prev

Member Data Documentation

◆ block_max

schar* CvChain::block_max

Maximal bound of the last block.

◆ delta_elems

int CvChain::delta_elems

Grow seq this many at a time.

◆ elem_size

int CvChain::elem_size

Size of sequence element in bytes.

◆ first

CvSeqBlock* CvChain::first

Pointer to the first sequence block.

◆ flags

int CvChain::flags

Miscellaneous flags.

◆ free_blocks

CvSeqBlock* CvChain::free_blocks

Free blocks list.

◆ h_next

struct CvSeq* CvChain::h_next

Next sequence.

◆ h_prev

struct CvSeq* CvChain::h_prev

Previous sequence.

◆ header_size

int CvChain::header_size

Size of sequence header.

◆ origin

CvPoint CvChain::origin

◆ ptr

schar* CvChain::ptr

Current write pointer.

◆ storage

CvMemStorage* CvChain::storage

Where the seq is stored.

◆ total

int CvChain::total

Total number of elements.

◆ v_next

struct CvSeq* CvChain::v_next

< 2nd next sequence.

◆ v_prev

struct CvSeq* CvChain::v_prev

2nd previous sequence.

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