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cv::detail::MultiBandBlender Class Reference

Blender which uses multi-band blending algorithm (see [39]). More...

#include <opencv2/stitching/detail/blenders.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 MultiBandBlender (int try_gpu=false, int num_bands=5, int weight_type=CV_32F)
void blend (InputOutputArray dst, InputOutputArray dst_mask) CV_OVERRIDE
 Blends and returns the final pano. More...
void feed (InputArray img, InputArray mask, Point tl) CV_OVERRIDE
 Processes the image. More...
int numBands () const
void prepare (Rect dst_roi) CV_OVERRIDE
void setNumBands (int val)
- Public Member Functions inherited from cv::detail::Blender
virtual ~Blender ()
void prepare (const std::vector< Point > &corners, const std::vector< Size > &sizes)
 Prepares the blender for blending. More...

Additional Inherited Members

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enum  {
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static Ptr< BlendercreateDefault (int type, bool try_gpu=false)
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UMat dst_
UMat dst_mask_
Rect dst_roi_

Detailed Description

Blender which uses multi-band blending algorithm (see [39]).


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MultiBandBlender()

cv::detail::MultiBandBlender::MultiBandBlender ( int  try_gpu = false,
int  num_bands = 5,
int  weight_type = CV_32F 

Member Function Documentation

◆ blend()

void cv::detail::MultiBandBlender::blend ( InputOutputArray  dst,
InputOutputArray  dst_mask 

Blends and returns the final pano.

dstFinal pano
dst_maskFinal pano mask

Reimplemented from cv::detail::Blender.

◆ feed()

void cv::detail::MultiBandBlender::feed ( InputArray  img,
InputArray  mask,
Point  tl 

Processes the image.

imgSource image
maskSource image mask
tlSource image top-left corners

Reimplemented from cv::detail::Blender.

◆ numBands()

int cv::detail::MultiBandBlender::numBands ( ) const

◆ prepare()

void cv::detail::MultiBandBlender::prepare ( Rect  dst_roi)

This is an overloaded member function, provided for convenience. It differs from the above function only in what argument(s) it accepts.

Reimplemented from cv::detail::Blender.

◆ setNumBands()

void cv::detail::MultiBandBlender::setNumBands ( int  val)

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