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cv::TrackerCSRT::Params Struct Reference

#include <opencv2/tracking/tracker.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 Params ()
 Constructor. More...
void read (const FileNode &)
 Read parameters from a file. More...
void write (cv::FileStorage &fs) const
 Write parameters to a file. More...

Public Attributes

int admm_iterations
int background_ratio
float cheb_attenuation
float filter_lr
float gsl_sigma
int histogram_bins
float histogram_lr
float hog_clip
float hog_orientations
float kaiser_alpha
int num_hog_channels_used
int number_of_scales
float padding
float psr_threshold
 we lost the target, if the psr is lower than this. More...
float scale_lr
float scale_model_max_area
float scale_sigma_factor
float scale_step
float template_size
bool use_channel_weights
bool use_color_names
bool use_gray
bool use_hog
bool use_rgb
bool use_segmentation
float weights_lr
std::string window_function
 Window function: "hann", "cheb", "kaiser". More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Params()

cv::TrackerCSRT::Params::Params ( )


Member Function Documentation

◆ read()

void cv::TrackerCSRT::Params::read ( const FileNode )

Read parameters from a file.

◆ write()

void cv::TrackerCSRT::Params::write ( cv::FileStorage fs) const

Write parameters to a file.

Member Data Documentation

◆ admm_iterations

int cv::TrackerCSRT::Params::admm_iterations

◆ background_ratio

int cv::TrackerCSRT::Params::background_ratio

◆ cheb_attenuation

float cv::TrackerCSRT::Params::cheb_attenuation

◆ filter_lr

float cv::TrackerCSRT::Params::filter_lr

◆ gsl_sigma

float cv::TrackerCSRT::Params::gsl_sigma

◆ histogram_bins

int cv::TrackerCSRT::Params::histogram_bins

◆ histogram_lr

float cv::TrackerCSRT::Params::histogram_lr

◆ hog_clip

float cv::TrackerCSRT::Params::hog_clip

◆ hog_orientations

float cv::TrackerCSRT::Params::hog_orientations

◆ kaiser_alpha

float cv::TrackerCSRT::Params::kaiser_alpha

◆ num_hog_channels_used

int cv::TrackerCSRT::Params::num_hog_channels_used

◆ number_of_scales

int cv::TrackerCSRT::Params::number_of_scales

◆ padding

float cv::TrackerCSRT::Params::padding

◆ psr_threshold

float cv::TrackerCSRT::Params::psr_threshold

we lost the target, if the psr is lower than this.

◆ scale_lr

float cv::TrackerCSRT::Params::scale_lr

◆ scale_model_max_area

float cv::TrackerCSRT::Params::scale_model_max_area

◆ scale_sigma_factor

float cv::TrackerCSRT::Params::scale_sigma_factor

◆ scale_step

float cv::TrackerCSRT::Params::scale_step

◆ template_size

float cv::TrackerCSRT::Params::template_size

◆ use_channel_weights

bool cv::TrackerCSRT::Params::use_channel_weights

◆ use_color_names

bool cv::TrackerCSRT::Params::use_color_names

◆ use_gray

bool cv::TrackerCSRT::Params::use_gray

◆ use_hog

bool cv::TrackerCSRT::Params::use_hog

◆ use_rgb

bool cv::TrackerCSRT::Params::use_rgb

◆ use_segmentation

bool cv::TrackerCSRT::Params::use_segmentation

◆ weights_lr

float cv::TrackerCSRT::Params::weights_lr

◆ window_function

std::string cv::TrackerCSRT::Params::window_function

Window function: "hann", "cheb", "kaiser".

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