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cv::line_descriptor Namespace Reference


class  BinaryDescriptor
 Class implements both functionalities for detection of lines and computation of their binary descriptor. More...
class  BinaryDescriptorMatcher
 furnishes all functionalities for querying a dataset provided by user or internal to class (that user must, anyway, populate) on the model of Descriptor Matchers More...
struct  DrawLinesMatchesFlags
struct  KeyLine
 A class to represent a line. More...
class  LSDDetector
struct  LSDParam


void drawKeylines (const Mat &image, const std::vector< KeyLine > &keylines, Mat &outImage, const Scalar &color=Scalar::all(-1), int flags=DrawLinesMatchesFlags::DEFAULT)
 Draws keylines. More...
void drawLineMatches (const Mat &img1, const std::vector< KeyLine > &keylines1, const Mat &img2, const std::vector< KeyLine > &keylines2, const std::vector< DMatch > &matches1to2, Mat &outImg, const Scalar &matchColor=Scalar::all(-1), const Scalar &singleLineColor=Scalar::all(-1), const std::vector< char > &matchesMask=std::vector< char >(), int flags=DrawLinesMatchesFlags::DEFAULT)
 Draws the found matches of keylines from two images. More...