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cv::optflow::GPCTrainingParams Struct Reference

Class encapsulating training parameters. More...

#include <opencv2/optflow/sparse_matching_gpc.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 GPCTrainingParams (unsigned _maxTreeDepth=20, int _minNumberOfSamples=3, GPCDescType _descriptorType=GPC_DESCRIPTOR_DCT, bool _printProgress=true)
bool check () const

Public Attributes

int descriptorType
 Type of descriptors to use. More...
unsigned maxTreeDepth
 Maximum tree depth to stop partitioning. More...
int minNumberOfSamples
 Minimum number of samples in the node to stop partitioning. More...
bool printProgress
 Print progress to stdout. More...

Detailed Description

Class encapsulating training parameters.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GPCTrainingParams()

cv::optflow::GPCTrainingParams::GPCTrainingParams ( unsigned  _maxTreeDepth = 20,
int  _minNumberOfSamples = 3,
GPCDescType  _descriptorType = GPC_DESCRIPTOR_DCT,
bool  _printProgress = true 

Member Function Documentation

◆ check()

bool cv::optflow::GPCTrainingParams::check ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ descriptorType

int cv::optflow::GPCTrainingParams::descriptorType

Type of descriptors to use.

◆ maxTreeDepth

unsigned cv::optflow::GPCTrainingParams::maxTreeDepth

Maximum tree depth to stop partitioning.

◆ minNumberOfSamples

int cv::optflow::GPCTrainingParams::minNumberOfSamples

Minimum number of samples in the node to stop partitioning.

◆ printProgress

bool cv::optflow::GPCTrainingParams::printProgress

Print progress to stdout.

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