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void cv::sfm::triangulatePoints (InputArrayOfArrays points2d, InputArrayOfArrays projection_matrices, OutputArray points3d)
 Reconstructs bunch of points by triangulation. More...

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void cv::sfm::triangulatePoints ( InputArrayOfArrays  points2d,
InputArrayOfArrays  projection_matrices,
OutputArray  points3d 

#include <opencv2/sfm/triangulation.hpp>

Reconstructs bunch of points by triangulation.

points2dInput vector of vectors of 2d points (the inner vector is per image). Has to be 2 X N.
projection_matricesInput vector with 3x4 projections matrices of each image.
points3dOutput array with computed 3d points. Is 3 x N.

Triangulates the 3d position of 2d correspondences between several images. Reference: Internally it uses DLT method [96] 12.2 pag.312