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cv::optflow::GPCPatchDescriptor Struct Reference

#include "sparse_matching_gpc.hpp"

Public Member Functions

double dot (const Vec< double, nFeatures > &coef) const
bool isSeparated () const
void markAsSeparated ()

Public Attributes

Vec< double, nFeaturesfeature

Static Public Attributes

static const unsigned nFeatures = 18
 number of features in a patch descriptor More...

Member Function Documentation

§ dot()

double cv::optflow::GPCPatchDescriptor::dot ( const Vec< double, nFeatures > &  coef) const

§ isSeparated()

bool cv::optflow::GPCPatchDescriptor::isSeparated ( ) const

§ markAsSeparated()

void cv::optflow::GPCPatchDescriptor::markAsSeparated ( )

Member Data Documentation

§ feature

Vec< double, nFeatures > cv::optflow::GPCPatchDescriptor::feature

§ nFeatures

const unsigned cv::optflow::GPCPatchDescriptor::nFeatures = 18

number of features in a patch descriptor

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