OpenCV  3.4.0
Open Source Computer Vision
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utility.hpp File Reference
#include "opencv2/core.hpp"
#include <ostream>
#include "opencv2/core/core_c.h"


class  cv::AutoBuffer< _Tp, fixed_size >
 Automatically Allocated Buffer Class. More...
class  cv::AutoLock
class  cv::CommandLineParser
 Designed for command line parsing. More...
class  cv::Mutex
class  cv::Node< OBJECT >
class  cv::instr::NodeData
struct  cv::instr::NodeDataTls
class  cv::ParallelLoopBody
 Base class for parallel data processors. More...
class  cv::TickMeter
 a Class to measure passing time. More...
class  cv::TLSData< T >
class  cv::TLSDataContainer




#define CV_IMPL_ADD(impl)


typedef int(* cv::ErrorCallback) (int status, const char *func_name, const char *err_msg, const char *file_name, int line, void *userdata)
typedef Node< NodeData > cv::instr::InstrNode


enum  cv::instr::FLAGS {
  cv::instr::FLAGS_NONE = 0,
  cv::instr::FLAGS_MAPPING = 0x01,
  cv::instr::FLAGS_EXPAND_SAME_NAMES = 0x02
enum  cv::instr::IMPL {
  cv::instr::IMPL_PLAIN = 0,
enum  cv::instr::TYPE {
  cv::instr::TYPE_GENERAL = 0,


template<typename _Tp >
static _Tp * cv::alignPtr (_Tp *ptr, int n=(int) sizeof(_Tp))
 Aligns a pointer to the specified number of bytes. More...
static size_t cv::alignSize (size_t sz, int n)
 Aligns a buffer size to the specified number of bytes. More...
bool cv::checkHardwareSupport (int feature)
 Returns true if the specified feature is supported by the host hardware. More...
static int cv::divUp (int a, unsigned int b)
 Integer division with result round up. More...
static size_t cv::divUp (size_t a, unsigned int b)
String cv::format (const char *fmt,...)
 Returns a text string formatted using the printf-like expression. More...
const String & cv::getBuildInformation ()
 Returns full configuration time cmake output. More...
int64 cv::getCPUTickCount ()
 Returns the number of CPU ticks. More...
static size_t cv::getElemSize (int type)
FLAGS cv::instr::getFlags ()
int cv::getNumberOfCPUs ()
 Returns the number of logical CPUs available for the process. More...
int cv::getNumThreads ()
 Returns the number of threads used by OpenCV for parallel regions. More...
int cv::utils::getThreadID ()
int cv::getThreadNum ()
 Returns the index of the currently executed thread within the current parallel region. Always returns 0 if called outside of parallel region. More...
int64 cv::getTickCount ()
 Returns the number of ticks. More...
double cv::getTickFrequency ()
 Returns the number of ticks per second. More...
InstrNode * cv::instr::getTrace ()
void cv::glob (String pattern, std::vector< String > &result, bool recursive=false)
static std::ostream & cv::operator<< (std::ostream &out, const TickMeter &tm)
 output operator More...
bool cv::instr::operator== (const NodeData &lhs, const NodeData &rhs)
void cv::parallel_for_ (const Range &range, const ParallelLoopBody &body, double nstripes=-1.)
 Parallel data processor. More...
ErrorCallback cv::redirectError (ErrorCallback errCallback, void *userdata=0, void **prevUserdata=0)
 Sets the new error handler and the optional user data. More...
void cv::instr::resetTrace ()
bool cv::setBreakOnError (bool flag)
 Sets/resets the break-on-error mode. More...
void cv::instr::setFlags (FLAGS modeFlags)
static void cv::instr::setFlags (int modeFlags)
void cv::setNumThreads (int nthreads)
 OpenCV will try to set the number of threads for the next parallel region. More...
void cv::instr::setUseInstrumentation (bool flag)
void cv::setUseOptimized (bool onoff)
 Enables or disables the optimized code. More...
String cv::tempfile (const char *suffix=0)
bool cv::instr::useInstrumentation ()
bool cv::useOptimized ()
 Returns the status of optimized code usage. More...

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#define CV_IMPL_ADD (   impl)