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cv::face::StandardCollector Class Reference

Default predict collector. More...

#include "predict_collector.hpp"

Inheritance diagram for cv::face::StandardCollector:


struct  PredictResult

Public Member Functions

 StandardCollector (double threshold_=DBL_MAX)
 Constructor. More...
bool collect (int label, double dist)
 overloaded interface method More...
double getMinDist () const
 Returns minimal distance value. More...
int getMinLabel () const
 Returns label with minimal distance. More...
std::vector< std::pair< int, double > > getResults (bool sorted=false) const
 Return results as vector. More...
std::map< int, double > getResultsMap () const
 Return results as map Labels are keys, values are minimal distances. More...
void init (size_t size)
 overloaded interface method More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from cv::face::PredictCollector
virtual ~PredictCollector ()

Static Public Member Functions

static Ptr< StandardCollectorcreate (double threshold=DBL_MAX)
 Static constructor. More...

Protected Attributes

std::vector< PredictResultdata
PredictResult minRes
double threshold

Detailed Description

Default predict collector.

Trace minimal distance with treshhold checking (that is default behavior for most predict logic)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

§ StandardCollector()

cv::face::StandardCollector::StandardCollector ( double  threshold_ = DBL_MAX)


threshold_set threshold

Member Function Documentation

§ collect()

bool cv::face::StandardCollector::collect ( int  label,
double  dist 

overloaded interface method

Implements cv::face::PredictCollector.

§ create()

static Ptr<StandardCollector> cv::face::StandardCollector::create ( double  threshold = DBL_MAX)

Static constructor.

thresholdset threshold

§ getMinDist()

double cv::face::StandardCollector::getMinDist ( ) const

Returns minimal distance value.

§ getMinLabel()

int cv::face::StandardCollector::getMinLabel ( ) const

Returns label with minimal distance.

§ getResults()

std::vector< std::pair<int, double> > cv::face::StandardCollector::getResults ( bool  sorted = false) const

Return results as vector.

sortedIf set, results will be sorted by distance Each values is a pair of label and distance.

§ getResultsMap()

std::map<int, double> cv::face::StandardCollector::getResultsMap ( ) const

Return results as map Labels are keys, values are minimal distances.

§ init()

void cv::face::StandardCollector::init ( size_t  size)

overloaded interface method

Reimplemented from cv::face::PredictCollector.

Member Data Documentation

§ data

std::vector<PredictResult> cv::face::StandardCollector::data

§ minRes

PredictResult cv::face::StandardCollector::minRes

§ threshold

double cv::face::StandardCollector::threshold

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