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cvflann::HammingLUT Struct Reference

#include "dist.h"

Public Types

typedef unsigned char ElementType
typedef False is_kdtree_distance
typedef False is_vector_space_distance
typedef int ResultType

Public Member Functions

ResultType operator() (const unsigned char *a, const unsigned char *b, size_t size) const

Detailed Description

Hamming distance functor - counts the bit differences between two strings - useful for the Brief descriptor bit count of A exclusive XOR'ed with B

Member Typedef Documentation

§ ElementType

typedef unsigned char cvflann::HammingLUT::ElementType

§ is_kdtree_distance

§ is_vector_space_distance

§ ResultType

Member Function Documentation

§ operator()()

ResultType cvflann::HammingLUT::operator() ( const unsigned char *  a,
const unsigned char *  b,
size_t  size 
) const

this will count the bits in a ^ b

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