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a Class to measure passing time. More...

#include "utility.hpp"

Public Member Functions

 TickMeter ()
 the default constructor More...
int64 getCounter () const
double getTimeMicro () const
double getTimeMilli () const
double getTimeSec () const
int64 getTimeTicks () const
void reset ()
void start ()
void stop ()

Detailed Description

a Class to measure passing time.

The class computes passing time by counting the number of ticks per second. That is, the following code computes the execution time in seconds:

// do something ...
std::cout << tm.getTimeSec();
See also
getTickCount, getTickFrequency

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

§ TickMeter()

cv::TickMeter::TickMeter ( )

the default constructor

Member Function Documentation

§ getCounter()

int64 cv::TickMeter::getCounter ( ) const

returns internal counter value.

§ getTimeMicro()

double cv::TickMeter::getTimeMicro ( ) const

returns passed time in microseconds.

§ getTimeMilli()

double cv::TickMeter::getTimeMilli ( ) const

returns passed time in milliseconds.

§ getTimeSec()

double cv::TickMeter::getTimeSec ( ) const

returns passed time in seconds.

§ getTimeTicks()

int64 cv::TickMeter::getTimeTicks ( ) const

returns counted ticks.

§ reset()

void cv::TickMeter::reset ( )

resets internal values.

§ start()

void cv::TickMeter::start ( )

starts counting ticks.

§ stop()

void cv::TickMeter::stop ( )

stops counting ticks.

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