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cv::rgbd::OdometryFrame Struct Reference

#include "rgbd.hpp"

Inheritance diagram for cv::rgbd::OdometryFrame:

Public Types

enum  {
  CACHE_SRC = 1,
  CACHE_DST = 2,

Public Member Functions

 OdometryFrame ()
 OdometryFrame (const Mat &image, const Mat &depth, const Mat &mask=Mat(), const Mat &normals=Mat(), int ID=-1)
virtual void release ()
void releasePyramids ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from cv::rgbd::RgbdFrame
 RgbdFrame ()
 RgbdFrame (const Mat &image, const Mat &depth, const Mat &mask=Mat(), const Mat &normals=Mat(), int ID=-1)
virtual ~RgbdFrame ()

Public Attributes

std::vector< Matpyramid_dI_dx
std::vector< Matpyramid_dI_dy
std::vector< MatpyramidCloud
std::vector< MatpyramidDepth
std::vector< MatpyramidImage
std::vector< MatpyramidMask
std::vector< MatpyramidNormals
std::vector< MatpyramidNormalsMask
std::vector< MatpyramidTexturedMask
- Public Attributes inherited from cv::rgbd::RgbdFrame
Mat depth
int ID
Mat image
Mat mask
Mat normals

Detailed Description

Object that contains a frame data that is possibly needed for the Odometry. It's used for the efficiency (to pass precomputed/cached data of the frame that participates in the Odometry processing several times).

Member Enumeration Documentation

§ anonymous enum

anonymous enum

These constants are used to set a type of cache which has to be prepared depending on the frame role: srcFrame or dstFrame (see compute method of the Odometry class). For the srcFrame and dstFrame different cache data may be required, some part of a cache may be common for both frame roles.

CACHE_SRCThe cache data for the srcFrame will be prepared.
CACHE_DSTThe cache data for the dstFrame will be prepared.
CACHE_ALLThe cache data for both srcFrame and dstFrame roles will be computed.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

§ OdometryFrame() [1/2]

cv::rgbd::OdometryFrame::OdometryFrame ( )

§ OdometryFrame() [2/2]

cv::rgbd::OdometryFrame::OdometryFrame ( const Mat image,
const Mat depth,
const Mat mask = Mat(),
const Mat normals = Mat(),
int  ID = -1 

Member Function Documentation

§ release()

virtual void cv::rgbd::OdometryFrame::release ( )

Reimplemented from cv::rgbd::RgbdFrame.

§ releasePyramids()

void cv::rgbd::OdometryFrame::releasePyramids ( )

Member Data Documentation

§ pyramid_dI_dx

std::vector<Mat> cv::rgbd::OdometryFrame::pyramid_dI_dx

§ pyramid_dI_dy

std::vector<Mat> cv::rgbd::OdometryFrame::pyramid_dI_dy

§ pyramidCloud

std::vector<Mat> cv::rgbd::OdometryFrame::pyramidCloud

§ pyramidDepth

std::vector<Mat> cv::rgbd::OdometryFrame::pyramidDepth

§ pyramidImage

std::vector<Mat> cv::rgbd::OdometryFrame::pyramidImage

§ pyramidMask

std::vector<Mat> cv::rgbd::OdometryFrame::pyramidMask

§ pyramidNormals

std::vector<Mat> cv::rgbd::OdometryFrame::pyramidNormals

§ pyramidNormalsMask

std::vector<Mat> cv::rgbd::OdometryFrame::pyramidNormalsMask

§ pyramidTexturedMask

std::vector<Mat> cv::rgbd::OdometryFrame::pyramidTexturedMask

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