OpenCV  3.2.0
Open Source Computer Vision


int hal_ni_fastAtan32f (const float *y, const float *x, float *dst, int len, bool angleInDegrees)
int hal_ni_fastAtan64f (const double *y, const double *x, double *dst, int len, bool angleInDegrees)

Detailed Description

y,xsource Y and X arrays
dstdestination array
lenlength of arrays
angleInDegreesif set to true return angles in degrees, otherwise in radians

Function Documentation

§ hal_ni_fastAtan32f()

int hal_ni_fastAtan32f ( const float *  y,
const float *  x,
float *  dst,
int  len,
bool  angleInDegrees 

§ hal_ni_fastAtan64f()

int hal_ni_fastAtan64f ( const double *  y,
const double *  x,
double *  dst,
int  len,
bool  angleInDegrees