OpenCV  3.2.0
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cv::face Namespace Reference


class  BasicFaceRecognizer
class  BIF
class  FaceRecognizer
 Abstract base class for all face recognition models. More...
class  LBPHFaceRecognizer
class  PredictCollector
 Abstract base class for all strategies of prediction result handling. More...
class  StandardCollector
 Default predict collector. More...


cv::Ptr< BIFcreateBIF (int num_bands=8, int num_rotations=12)
Ptr< BasicFaceRecognizercreateEigenFaceRecognizer (int num_components=0, double threshold=DBL_MAX)
Ptr< BasicFaceRecognizercreateFisherFaceRecognizer (int num_components=0, double threshold=DBL_MAX)
Ptr< LBPHFaceRecognizercreateLBPHFaceRecognizer (int radius=1, int neighbors=8, int grid_x=8, int grid_y=8, double threshold=DBL_MAX)

Function Documentation

§ createBIF()

cv::Ptr<BIF> cv::face::createBIF ( int  num_bands = 8,
int  num_rotations = 12 
num_bandsThe number of filter bands (<=8) used for computing BIF.
num_rotationsThe number of image rotations for computing BIF.
Object for computing BIF.