OpenCV  3.1.0
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cv::xphoto Namespace Reference


enum  InpaintTypes { INPAINT_SHIFTMAP = 0 }
 various inpainting algorithms More...
enum  WhitebalanceTypes {
 various white balance algorithms More...


void autowbGrayworld (InputArray src, OutputArray dst, float thresh=0.5f)
 Implements a simple grayworld white balance algorithm. More...
void balanceWhite (const Mat &src, Mat &dst, const int algorithmType, const float inputMin=0.0f, const float inputMax=255.0f, const float outputMin=0.0f, const float outputMax=255.0f)
 The function implements different algorithm of automatic white balance,. More...
void dctDenoising (const Mat &src, Mat &dst, const double sigma, const int psize=16)
 The function implements simple dct-based denoising. More...
void inpaint (const Mat &src, const Mat &mask, Mat &dst, const int algorithmType)
 The function implements different single-image inpainting algorithms. More...