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cv::ROISelector Class Reference

#include "tracker.hpp"


struct  handlerT

Public Member Functions

Rect2d select (Mat img, bool fromCenter=true)
Rect2d select (const cv::String &windowName, Mat img, bool showCrossair=true, bool fromCenter=true)
void select (const cv::String &windowName, Mat img, std::vector< Rect2d > &boundingBox, bool fromCenter=true)

Public Attributes

std::vector< handlerTobjects
struct cv::ROISelector::handlerT selectorParams

Member Function Documentation

Rect2d cv::ROISelector::select ( Mat  img,
bool  fromCenter = true 
Rect2d cv::ROISelector::select ( const cv::String windowName,
Mat  img,
bool  showCrossair = true,
bool  fromCenter = true 
void cv::ROISelector::select ( const cv::String windowName,
Mat  img,
std::vector< Rect2d > &  boundingBox,
bool  fromCenter = true 

Member Data Documentation

std::vector<handlerT> cv::ROISelector::objects
struct cv::ROISelector::handlerT cv::ROISelector::selectorParams

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