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cvflann::lsh::LshStats Struct Reference

#include "lsh_table.h"

Public Attributes

size_t bucket_size_max_
size_t bucket_size_mean_
size_t bucket_size_median_
size_t bucket_size_min_
size_t bucket_size_std_dev
std::vector< unsigned int > bucket_sizes_
size_t n_buckets_
std::vector< std::vector< unsigned int > > size_histogram_

Detailed Description

POD for stats about an LSH table

Member Data Documentation

size_t cvflann::lsh::LshStats::bucket_size_max_
size_t cvflann::lsh::LshStats::bucket_size_mean_
size_t cvflann::lsh::LshStats::bucket_size_median_
size_t cvflann::lsh::LshStats::bucket_size_min_
size_t cvflann::lsh::LshStats::bucket_size_std_dev
std::vector<unsigned int> cvflann::lsh::LshStats::bucket_sizes_
size_t cvflann::lsh::LshStats::n_buckets_
std::vector<std::vector<unsigned int> > cvflann::lsh::LshStats::size_histogram_

Each contained vector contains three value: beginning/end for interval, number of elements in the bin

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