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CvMat Struct Reference

#include "types_c.h"

Public Member Functions

 CvMat ()
 CvMat (const CvMat &m)
 CvMat (const cv::Mat &m)

Public Attributes

union {
   int   height
   int   rows
union {
   int   cols
   int   width
union {
   double *   db
   float *   fl
   int *   i
   uchar *   ptr
   short *   s
int hdr_refcount
int * refcount
int step
int type

Detailed Description

Matrix elements are stored row by row. Element (i, j) (i - 0-based row index, j - 0-based column index) of a matrix can be retrieved or modified using CV_MAT_ELEM macro:

uchar pixval = CV_MAT_ELEM(grayimg, uchar, i, j)
CV_MAT_ELEM(cameraMatrix, float, 0, 2) = image.width*0.5f;

To access multiple-channel matrices, you can use CV_MAT_ELEM(matrix, type, i, j*nchannels + channel_idx).

CvMat is now obsolete; consider using Mat instead.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CvMat::CvMat ( )
CvMat::CvMat ( const CvMat m)

Member Data Documentation

union { ... }
union { ... }
int CvMat::cols
union { ... } CvMat::data
double* CvMat::db
float* CvMat::fl
int CvMat::hdr_refcount
int CvMat::height
int* CvMat::i
uchar* CvMat::ptr
int* CvMat::refcount
int CvMat::rows
short* CvMat::s
int CvMat::step
int CvMat::type
int CvMat::width

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