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cvflann::Heap< T > Class Template Reference

#include "heap.h"


struct  CompareT

Public Member Functions

 Heap (int sz)
void clear ()
bool empty ()
void insert (T value)
bool popMin (T &value)
int size ()

Detailed Description

template<typename T>
class cvflann::Heap< T >

Priority Queue Implementation

The priority queue is implemented with a heap. A heap is a complete (full) binary tree in which each parent is less than both of its children, but the order of the children is unspecified.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<typename T>
cvflann::Heap< T >::Heap ( int  sz)


Params: sz = heap size

Member Function Documentation

template<typename T>
void cvflann::Heap< T >::clear ( )

Clears the heap.

template<typename T>
bool cvflann::Heap< T >::empty ( )

Tests if the heap is empty

Returns: true is heap empty, false otherwise

template<typename T>
void cvflann::Heap< T >::insert ( value)

Insert a new element in the heap.

We select the next empty leaf node, and then keep moving any larger parents down until the right location is found to store this element.

Params: value = the new element to be inserted in the heap

template<typename T>
bool cvflann::Heap< T >::popMin ( T &  value)

Returns the node of minimum value from the heap (top of the heap).

Params: value = out parameter used to return the min element Returns: false if heap empty

template<typename T>
int cvflann::Heap< T >::size ( )

Returns: heap size

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