Open Source Computer Vision
cv::Vector< _Tp > Member List

This is the complete list of members for cv::Vector< _Tp >, including all inherited members.

addref()cv::Vector< _Tp >inline
back()cv::Vector< _Tp >inline
back() constcv::Vector< _Tp >inline
begin()cv::Vector< _Tp >inline
begin() constcv::Vector< _Tp >inline
capacity() constcv::Vector< _Tp >inline
clear()cv::Vector< _Tp >inline
clone() constcv::Vector< _Tp >inline
const_iterator typedefcv::Vector< _Tp >
const_reference typedefcv::Vector< _Tp >
copyTo(Vector< _Tp > &vec) constcv::Vector< _Tp >inline
copyTo(std::vector< _Tp > &vec) constcv::Vector< _Tp >inline
empty() constcv::Vector< _Tp >inline
end()cv::Vector< _Tp >inline
end() constcv::Vector< _Tp >inline
front()cv::Vector< _Tp >inline
front() constcv::Vector< _Tp >inline
hdrcv::Vector< _Tp >protected
iterator typedefcv::Vector< _Tp >
operator CvMat() constcv::Vector< _Tp >inline
operator()(const Range &r) constcv::Vector< _Tp >inline
operator=(const Vector &d)cv::Vector< _Tp >inline
operator[](size_t i)cv::Vector< _Tp >inline
operator[](size_t i) constcv::Vector< _Tp >inline
pop_back()cv::Vector< _Tp >inline
push_back(const _Tp &elem)cv::Vector< _Tp >inline
reference typedefcv::Vector< _Tp >
release()cv::Vector< _Tp >inline
reserve(size_t newCapacity)cv::Vector< _Tp >inline
resize(size_t newSize)cv::Vector< _Tp >inline
set(_Tp *_data, size_t _size, bool _copyData=false)cv::Vector< _Tp >inline
size() constcv::Vector< _Tp >inline
type() constcv::Vector< _Tp >inline
value_type typedefcv::Vector< _Tp >
Vector()cv::Vector< _Tp >inline
Vector(size_t _size)cv::Vector< _Tp >inline
Vector(size_t _size, const _Tp &val)cv::Vector< _Tp >inline
Vector(_Tp *_data, size_t _size, bool _copyData=false)cv::Vector< _Tp >inline
Vector(const Vec< _Tp, n > &vec)cv::Vector< _Tp >inline
Vector(const std::vector< _Tp > &vec, bool _copyData=false)cv::Vector< _Tp >inline
Vector(const Vector &d)cv::Vector< _Tp >inline
Vector(const Vector &d, const Range &r_)cv::Vector< _Tp >inline
~Vector()cv::Vector< _Tp >inline