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cvflann::NNIndex< Distance > Member List

This is the complete list of members for cvflann::NNIndex< Distance >, including all inherited members.

addIndex(const Matrix< ElementType > &wholeData, const Matrix< ElementType > &additionalData)=0cvflann::NNIndex< Distance >pure virtual
buildIndex()=0cvflann::NNIndex< Distance >pure virtual
findNeighbors(ResultSet< DistanceType > &result, const ElementType *vec, const SearchParams &searchParams)=0cvflann::NNIndex< Distance >pure virtual
getParameters() const =0cvflann::NNIndex< Distance >pure virtual
getType() const =0cvflann::NNIndex< Distance >pure virtual
knnSearch(const Matrix< ElementType > &queries, Matrix< int > &indices, Matrix< DistanceType > &dists, int knn, const SearchParams &params)cvflann::NNIndex< Distance >inlinevirtual
loadIndex(FILE *stream)=0cvflann::NNIndex< Distance >pure virtual
radiusSearch(const Matrix< ElementType > &query, Matrix< int > &indices, Matrix< DistanceType > &dists, float radius, const SearchParams &params)cvflann::NNIndex< Distance >inlinevirtual
saveIndex(FILE *stream)=0cvflann::NNIndex< Distance >pure virtual
size() const =0cvflann::NNIndex< Distance >pure virtual
usedMemory() const =0cvflann::NNIndex< Distance >pure virtual
veclen() const =0cvflann::NNIndex< Distance >pure virtual
~NNIndex()cvflann::NNIndex< Distance >inlinevirtual