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cv::gpu::device::Warp Member List

This is the complete list of members for cv::gpu::device::Warp, including all inherited members.

copy(InIt beg, InIt end, OutIt out)cv::gpu::device::Warpinlinestatic
fill(It beg, It end, const T &value)cv::gpu::device::Warpinlinestatic
LOG_WARP_SIZE enum valuecv::gpu::device::Warp
reduce(volatile T *ptr, BinOp op)cv::gpu::device::Warpinlinestatic
STRIDE enum valuecv::gpu::device::Warp
transform(InIt beg, InIt end, OutIt out, UnOp op)cv::gpu::device::Warpinlinestatic
transform(InIt1 beg1, InIt1 end1, InIt2 beg2, OutIt out, BinOp op)cv::gpu::device::Warpinlinestatic
WARP_SIZE enum valuecv::gpu::device::Warp
yota(OutIt beg, OutIt end, T value)cv::gpu::device::Warpinlinestatic