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cv::SIFT Member List

This is the complete list of members for cv::SIFT, including all inherited members.

_create(const string &name)cv::Algorithmstatic
buildDoGPyramid(const vector< Mat > &pyr, vector< Mat > &dogpyr) constcv::SIFT
buildGaussianPyramid(const Mat &base, vector< Mat > &pyr, int nOctaves) constcv::SIFT
compute(const Mat &image, CV_OUT CV_IN_OUT std::vector< KeyPoint > &keypoints, CV_OUT Mat &descriptors) constcv::Feature2D
cv::DescriptorExtractor::compute(const vector< Mat > &images, vector< vector< KeyPoint > > &keypoints, vector< Mat > &descriptors) constcv::DescriptorExtractor
computeImpl(const Mat &image, vector< KeyPoint > &keypoints, Mat &descriptors) constcv::SIFTprotectedvirtual
Constructor typedefcv::Algorithm
create(const string &name)cv::Feature2Dstatic
descriptorSize() constcv::SIFTvirtual
descriptorType() constcv::SIFTvirtual
detect(const Mat &image, CV_OUT vector< KeyPoint > &keypoints, const Mat &mask=Mat()) constcv::FeatureDetector
detect(const vector< Mat > &images, vector< vector< KeyPoint > > &keypoints, const vector< Mat > &masks=vector< Mat >()) constcv::FeatureDetector
detectImpl(const Mat &image, vector< KeyPoint > &keypoints, const Mat &mask=Mat()) constcv::SIFTprotectedvirtual
cv::empty() constcv::FeatureDetectorvirtual
cv::DescriptorExtractor::empty() constcv::DescriptorExtractorvirtual
findScaleSpaceExtrema(const vector< Mat > &gauss_pyr, const vector< Mat > &dog_pyr, vector< KeyPoint > &keypoints) constcv::SIFT
get(const string &name) constcv::Algorithminline
get(const char *name) constcv::Algorithminline
getAlgorithm(const string &name) constcv::Algorithm
getBool(const string &name) constcv::Algorithm
getDouble(const string &name) constcv::Algorithm
getInt(const string &name) constcv::Algorithm
getList(CV_OUT vector< string > &algorithms)cv::Algorithmstatic
getMat(const string &name) constcv::Algorithm
getMatVector(const string &name) constcv::Algorithm
getParams(CV_OUT vector< string > &names) constcv::Algorithm
getString(const string &name) constcv::Algorithm
Getter typedefcv::Algorithm
info() constcv::SIFTvirtual
name() constcv::Algorithm
operator()(InputArray img, InputArray mask, vector< KeyPoint > &keypoints) constcv::SIFT
operator()(InputArray img, InputArray mask, vector< KeyPoint > &keypoints, OutputArray descriptors, bool useProvidedKeypoints=false) constcv::SIFT
cv::Feature2D::operator()(InputArray image, InputArray mask, CV_OUT vector< KeyPoint > &keypoints, OutputArray descriptors, bool useProvidedKeypoints=false) const =0cv::Feature2Dpure virtual
paramHelp(const string &name) constcv::Algorithm
paramType(const char *name) constcv::Algorithm
paramType(const string &name) constcv::Algorithm
read(const FileNode &fn)cv::Algorithmvirtual
removeBorderKeypoints(vector< KeyPoint > &keypoints, Size imageSize, int borderSize)cv::DescriptorExtractorprotectedstatic
removeInvalidPoints(const Mat &mask, vector< KeyPoint > &keypoints)cv::FeatureDetectorprotectedstatic
set(const string &name, int value)cv::Algorithm
set(const string &name, double value)cv::Algorithm
set(const string &name, bool value)cv::Algorithm
set(const string &name, const string &value)cv::Algorithm
set(const string &name, const Mat &value)cv::Algorithm
set(const string &name, const vector< Mat > &value)cv::Algorithm
set(const string &name, const Ptr< Algorithm > &value)cv::Algorithm
set(const string &name, const Ptr< _Tp > &value)cv::Algorithminline
set(const char *name, int value)cv::Algorithm
set(const char *name, double value)cv::Algorithm
set(const char *name, bool value)cv::Algorithm
set(const char *name, const string &value)cv::Algorithm
set(const char *name, const Mat &value)cv::Algorithm
set(const char *name, const vector< Mat > &value)cv::Algorithm
set(const char *name, const Ptr< Algorithm > &value)cv::Algorithm
set(const char *name, const Ptr< _Tp > &value)cv::Algorithminline
setAlgorithm(const string &name, const Ptr< Algorithm > &value)cv::Algorithm
setAlgorithm(const string &name, const Ptr< _Tp > &value)cv::Algorithminline
setAlgorithm(const char *name, const Ptr< Algorithm > &value)cv::Algorithm
setAlgorithm(const char *name, const Ptr< _Tp > &value)cv::Algorithminline
setBool(const string &name, bool value)cv::Algorithm
setBool(const char *name, bool value)cv::Algorithm
setDouble(const string &name, double value)cv::Algorithm
setDouble(const char *name, double value)cv::Algorithm
setInt(const string &name, int value)cv::Algorithm
setInt(const char *name, int value)cv::Algorithm
setMat(const string &name, const Mat &value)cv::Algorithm
setMat(const char *name, const Mat &value)cv::Algorithm
setMatVector(const string &name, const vector< Mat > &value)cv::Algorithm
setMatVector(const char *name, const vector< Mat > &value)cv::Algorithm
setString(const string &name, const string &value)cv::Algorithm
setString(const char *name, const string &value)cv::Algorithm
Setter typedefcv::Algorithm
SIFT(int nfeatures=0, int nOctaveLayers=3, double contrastThreshold=0.04, double edgeThreshold=10, double sigma=1.6)cv::SIFTexplicit
write(FileStorage &fs) constcv::Algorithmvirtual