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depth.hpp File Reference
#include <opencv2/core.hpp>
#include <limits>


class  cv::RgbdNormals


 "black box" representation of the file storage associated with a file on disk.


enum  cv::RgbdPlaneMethod { cv::RGBD_PLANE_METHOD_DEFAULT }


void cv::depthTo3d (InputArray depth, InputArray K, OutputArray points3d, InputArray mask=noArray())
void cv::depthTo3dSparse (InputArray depth, InputArray in_K, InputArray in_points, OutputArray points3d)
void cv::findPlanes (InputArray points3d, InputArray normals, OutputArray mask, OutputArray plane_coefficients, int block_size=40, int min_size=40 *40, double threshold=0.01, double sensor_error_a=0, double sensor_error_b=0, double sensor_error_c=0, RgbdPlaneMethod method=RGBD_PLANE_METHOD_DEFAULT)
void cv::registerDepth (InputArray unregisteredCameraMatrix, InputArray registeredCameraMatrix, InputArray registeredDistCoeffs, InputArray Rt, InputArray unregisteredDepth, const Size &outputImagePlaneSize, OutputArray registeredDepth, bool depthDilation=false)
void cv::rescaleDepth (InputArray in, int type, OutputArray out, double depth_factor=1000.0)
void cv::warpFrame (InputArray depth, InputArray image, InputArray mask, InputArray Rt, InputArray cameraMatrix, OutputArray warpedDepth=noArray(), OutputArray warpedImage=noArray(), OutputArray warpedMask=noArray())