Image Classification Example with Camera

This tutorial shows you how to write an image classification example with camera.
To try the example you should click the modelFile button(and configFile button if needed) to upload inference model. You can find the model URLs and parameters in the model info section. Then You should change the parameters in the first code snippet according to the uploaded model. Finally click Start/Stop button to start or stop the camera capture.


Help function

1.The parameters for model inference which you can modify to investigate more models.

2.The function to capture video from camera, and the main loop in which will do inference once.

3.Load labels from txt file and process it into an array.

4.Get blob from image as input for net, and standardize it with mean and std.

5.Fetch model file and save to emscripten file system once click the input button.

6.The post-processing, including softmax if needed and get the top classes from the output vector.

Model Info: