OpenCV  4.7.0-dev
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cv::v_uint8x16 Member List

This is the complete list of members for cv::v_uint8x16, including all inherited members.

get0() constcv::v_uint8x16inline
lane_type typedefcv::v_uint8x16
nlanes enum valuecv::v_uint8x16
operator vuint8m1_t() constcv::v_uint8x16inline
v_uint8x16(vuint8m1_t v)cv::v_uint8x16inlineexplicit
v_uint8x16(uchar v0, uchar v1, uchar v2, uchar v3, uchar v4, uchar v5, uchar v6, uchar v7, uchar v8, uchar v9, uchar v10, uchar v11, uchar v12, uchar v13, uchar v14, uchar v15)cv::v_uint8x16inline