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flann.hpp File Reference
#include "opencv2/core.hpp"
#include "opencv2/flann/miniflann.hpp"
#include "opencv2/flann/flann_base.hpp"


struct  cv::flann::CvType< T >
struct  cv::flann::CvType< char >
struct  cv::flann::CvType< double >
struct  cv::flann::CvType< float >
struct  cv::flann::CvType< short >
struct  cv::flann::CvType< unsigned char >
struct  cv::flann::CvType< unsigned short >
class  cv::flann::GenericIndex< Distance >
 The FLANN nearest neighbor index class. This class is templated with the type of elements for which the index is built. More...


 "black box" representation of the file storage associated with a file on disk.


flann_distance_t cvflann::flann_distance_type ()
template<typename Distance >
int cv::flann::hierarchicalClustering (const Mat &features, Mat &centers, const ::cvflann::KMeansIndexParams &params, Distance d=Distance())
 Clusters features using hierarchical k-means algorithm. More...
void cvflann::set_distance_type (flann_distance_t distance_type, int order)