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tracking_legacy.hpp File Reference
#include "tracking_internals.hpp"
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class  cv::legacy::MultiTracker
 This class is used to track multiple objects using the specified tracker algorithm. More...
class  cv::legacy::MultiTracker_Alt
 Base abstract class for the long-term Multi Object Trackers: More...
class  cv::legacy::MultiTrackerTLD
 Multi Object Tracker for TLD. More...
struct  cv::legacy::TrackerTLD::Params
struct  cv::legacy::TrackerCSRT::Params
struct  cv::legacy::TrackerKCF::Params
struct  cv::legacy::TrackerMedianFlow::Params
struct  cv::legacy::TrackerBoosting::Params
struct  cv::legacy::TrackerMIL::Params
class  cv::legacy::Tracker
 Base abstract class for the long-term tracker: More...
class  cv::legacy::TrackerBoosting
 the Boosting tracker More...
class  cv::legacy::TrackerCSRT
 the CSRT tracker More...
class  cv::legacy::TrackerKCF
 the KCF (Kernelized Correlation Filter) tracker More...
class  cv::legacy::TrackerMedianFlow
 the Median Flow tracker More...
class  cv::legacy::TrackerMIL
 The MIL algorithm trains a classifier in an online manner to separate the object from the background. More...
class  cv::legacy::TrackerMOSSE
 the MOSSE (Minimum Output Sum of Squared Error) tracker More...
class  cv::legacy::TrackerTLD
 the TLD (Tracking, learning and detection) tracker More...


namespace  cv
 "black box" representation of the file storage associated with a file on disk.
namespace  cv::legacy


Ptr< cv::Trackercv::legacy::upgradeTrackingAPI (const Ptr< legacy::Tracker > &legacy_tracker)