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fourier_descriptors.hpp File Reference
#include <opencv2/core.hpp>
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class  cv::ximgproc::ContourFitting
 Class for ContourFitting algorithms. ContourFitting match two contours \( z_a \) and \( z_b \) minimizing distance. More...


namespace  cv
 "black box" representation of the file storage associated with a file on disk.
namespace  cv::ximgproc


void cv::ximgproc::contourSampling (InputArray src, OutputArray out, int nbElt)
 Contour sampling .
Ptr< ContourFittingcv::ximgproc::createContourFitting (int ctr=1024, int fd=16)
 create ContourFitting algorithm object
void cv::ximgproc::fourierDescriptor (InputArray src, OutputArray dst, int nbElt=-1, int nbFD=-1)
 Fourier descriptors for planed closed curves.
void cv::ximgproc::transformFD (InputArray src, InputArray t, OutputArray dst, bool fdContour=true)
 transform a contour