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disparity_filter.hpp File Reference
#include <opencv2/core.hpp>
#include <opencv2/calib3d.hpp>


class  cv::ximgproc::DisparityFilter
 Main interface for all disparity map filters. More...
class  cv::ximgproc::DisparityWLSFilter
 Disparity map filter based on Weighted Least Squares filter (in form of Fast Global Smoother that is a lot faster than traditional Weighted Least Squares filter implementations) and optional use of left-right-consistency-based confidence to refine the results in half-occlusions and uniform areas. More...


 "black box" representation of the file storage associated with a file on disk.


double cv::ximgproc::computeBadPixelPercent (InputArray GT, InputArray src, Rect ROI, int thresh=24)
 Function for computing the percent of "bad" pixels in the disparity map (pixels where error is higher than a specified threshold) More...
double cv::ximgproc::computeMSE (InputArray GT, InputArray src, Rect ROI)
 Function for computing mean square error for disparity maps. More...
Ptr< DisparityWLSFilter > cv::ximgproc::createDisparityWLSFilter (Ptr< StereoMatcher > matcher_left)
 Convenience factory method that creates an instance of DisparityWLSFilter and sets up all the relevant filter parameters automatically based on the matcher instance. Currently supports only StereoBM and StereoSGBM. More...
Ptr< DisparityWLSFilter > cv::ximgproc::createDisparityWLSFilterGeneric (bool use_confidence)
 More generic factory method, create instance of DisparityWLSFilter and execute basic initialization routines. When using this method you will need to set-up the ROI, matchers and other parameters by yourself. More...
Ptr< StereoMatcher > cv::ximgproc::createRightMatcher (Ptr< StereoMatcher > matcher_left)
 Convenience method to set up the matcher for computing the right-view disparity map that is required in case of filtering with confidence. More...
void cv::ximgproc::getDisparityVis (InputArray src, OutputArray dst, double scale=1.0)
 Function for creating a disparity map visualization (clamped CV_8U image) More...
int cv::ximgproc::readGT (String src_path, OutputArray dst)
 Function for reading ground truth disparity maps. Supports basic Middlebury and MPI-Sintel formats. Note that the resulting disparity map is scaled by 16. More...