OpenCV  4.8.0-dev
Open Source Computer Vision
ArUco marker detection (aruco module)

ArUco markers are binary square fiducial markers that can be used for camera pose estimation. Their main benefit is that their detection is robust, fast and simple.

The aruco module includes the detection of these types of markers and the tools to employ them for pose estimation and camera calibration.

Also, the ChArUco functionalities combine ArUco markers with traditional chessboards to allow an easy and versatile corner detection. The module also includes the functions to detect ChArUco corners and use them for pose estimation and camera calibration.

If you are going to print out the markers, an useful script/GUI tool is place at opencv_contrib/modules/aruco/misc/pattern_generator/ that can generate vector graphics of ArUco, ArUcoGrid and ChArUco boards. It can help you to print out the pattern with real size and without artifacts.