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An example program about homography from the camera displacement

Check the corresponding tutorial for more details

#include <iostream>
#include <opencv2/core.hpp>
using namespace std;
using namespace cv;
void calcChessboardCorners(Size boardSize, float squareSize, vector<Point3f>& corners, Pattern patternType = CHESSBOARD)
switch (patternType)
for( int i = 0; i < boardSize.height; i++ )
for( int j = 0; j < boardSize.width; j++ )
float(i*squareSize), 0));
for( int i = 0; i < boardSize.height; i++ )
for( int j = 0; j < boardSize.width; j++ )
corners.push_back(Point3f(float((2*j + i % 2)*squareSize),
float(i*squareSize), 0));
CV_Error(Error::StsBadArg, "Unknown pattern type\n");
Mat computeHomography(const Mat &R_1to2, const Mat &tvec_1to2, const double d_inv, const Mat &normal)
Mat homography = R_1to2 + d_inv * tvec_1to2*normal.t();
return homography;
Mat computeHomography(const Mat &R1, const Mat &tvec1, const Mat &R2, const Mat &tvec2,
const double d_inv, const Mat &normal)
Mat homography = R2 * R1.t() + d_inv * (-R2 * R1.t() * tvec1 + tvec2) * normal.t();
return homography;
void computeC2MC1(const Mat &R1, const Mat &tvec1, const Mat &R2, const Mat &tvec2,
Mat &R_1to2, Mat &tvec_1to2)
//c2Mc1 = c2Mo * oMc1 = c2Mo * c1Mo.inv()
R_1to2 = R2 * R1.t();
tvec_1to2 = R2 * (-R1.t()*tvec1) + tvec2;
void homographyFromCameraDisplacement(const string &img1Path, const string &img2Path, const Size &patternSize,
const float squareSize, const string &intrinsicsPath)
Mat img1 = imread( samples::findFile( img1Path ) );
Mat img2 = imread( samples::findFile( img2Path ) );
vector<Point2f> corners1, corners2;
bool found1 = findChessboardCorners(img1, patternSize, corners1);
bool found2 = findChessboardCorners(img2, patternSize, corners2);
if (!found1 || !found2)
cout << "Error, cannot find the chessboard corners in both images." << endl;
vector<Point3f> objectPoints;
calcChessboardCorners(patternSize, squareSize, objectPoints);
FileStorage fs( samples::findFile( intrinsicsPath ), FileStorage::READ);
Mat cameraMatrix, distCoeffs;
fs["camera_matrix"] >> cameraMatrix;
fs["distortion_coefficients"] >> distCoeffs;
Mat rvec1, tvec1;
solvePnP(objectPoints, corners1, cameraMatrix, distCoeffs, rvec1, tvec1);
Mat rvec2, tvec2;
solvePnP(objectPoints, corners2, cameraMatrix, distCoeffs, rvec2, tvec2);
Mat img1_copy_pose = img1.clone(), img2_copy_pose = img2.clone();
Mat img_draw_poses;
drawFrameAxes(img1_copy_pose, cameraMatrix, distCoeffs, rvec1, tvec1, 2*squareSize);
drawFrameAxes(img2_copy_pose, cameraMatrix, distCoeffs, rvec2, tvec2, 2*squareSize);
hconcat(img1_copy_pose, img2_copy_pose, img_draw_poses);
imshow("Chessboard poses", img_draw_poses);
Mat R1, R2;
Rodrigues(rvec1, R1);
Rodrigues(rvec2, R2);
Mat R_1to2, t_1to2;
computeC2MC1(R1, tvec1, R2, tvec2, R_1to2, t_1to2);
Mat rvec_1to2;
Rodrigues(R_1to2, rvec_1to2);
Mat normal = (Mat_<double>(3,1) << 0, 0, 1);
Mat normal1 = R1*normal;
Mat origin(3, 1, CV_64F, Scalar(0));
Mat origin1 = R1*origin + tvec1;
double d_inv1 = 1.0 /;
Mat homography_euclidean = computeHomography(R_1to2, t_1to2, d_inv1, normal1);
Mat homography = cameraMatrix * homography_euclidean * cameraMatrix.inv();
homography /=<double>(2,2);
homography_euclidean /=<double>(2,2);
//Same but using absolute camera poses instead of camera displacement, just for check
Mat homography_euclidean2 = computeHomography(R1, tvec1, R2, tvec2, d_inv1, normal1);
Mat homography2 = cameraMatrix * homography_euclidean2 * cameraMatrix.inv();
homography_euclidean2 /=<double>(2,2);
homography2 /=<double>(2,2);
cout << "\nEuclidean Homography:\n" << homography_euclidean << endl;
cout << "Euclidean Homography 2:\n" << homography_euclidean2 << endl << endl;
Mat H = findHomography(corners1, corners2);
cout << "\nfindHomography H:\n" << H << endl;
cout << "homography from camera displacement:\n" << homography << endl;
cout << "homography from absolute camera poses:\n" << homography2 << endl << endl;
Mat img1_warp;
warpPerspective(img1, img1_warp, H, img1.size());
Mat img1_warp_custom;
warpPerspective(img1, img1_warp_custom, homography, img1.size());
imshow("Warped image using homography computed from camera displacement", img1_warp_custom);
Mat img_draw_compare;
hconcat(img1_warp, img1_warp_custom, img_draw_compare);
imshow("Warped images comparison", img_draw_compare);
Mat img1_warp_custom2;
warpPerspective(img1, img1_warp_custom2, homography2, img1.size());
imshow("Warped image using homography computed from absolute camera poses", img1_warp_custom2);
const char* params
= "{ help h | | print usage }"
"{ image1 | left02.jpg | path to the source chessboard image }"
"{ image2 | left01.jpg | path to the desired chessboard image }"
"{ intrinsics | left_intrinsics.yml | path to camera intrinsics }"
"{ width bw | 9 | chessboard width }"
"{ height bh | 6 | chessboard height }"
"{ square_size | 0.025 | chessboard square size }";
int main(int argc, char *argv[])
CommandLineParser parser(argc, argv, params);
if (parser.has("help"))
parser.about("Code for homography tutorial.\n"
"Example 3: homography from the camera displacement.\n");
return 0;
Size patternSize(parser.get<int>("width"), parser.get<int>("height"));
float squareSize = (float) parser.get<double>("square_size");
patternSize, squareSize,
return 0;
Designed for command line parsing.
Definition utility.hpp:820
XML/YAML/JSON file storage class that encapsulates all the information necessary for writing or readi...
Definition persistence.hpp:304
Template matrix class derived from Mat.
Definition mat.hpp:2230
n-dimensional dense array class
Definition mat.hpp:812
MatExpr inv(int method=DECOMP_LU) const
Inverses a matrix.
CV_NODISCARD_STD Mat clone() const
Creates a full copy of the array and the underlying data.
double dot(InputArray m) const
Computes a dot-product of two vectors.
MatSize size
Definition mat.hpp:2160
_Tp & at(int i0=0)
Returns a reference to the specified array element.
MatExpr t() const
Transposes a matrix.
Template class for 3D points specified by its coordinates x, y and z.
Definition types.hpp:255
Template class for specifying the size of an image or rectangle.
Definition types.hpp:335
_Tp height
the height
Definition types.hpp:363
_Tp width
the width
Definition types.hpp:362
std::string String
Definition cvstd.hpp:151
#define CV_64F
Definition interface.h:79
#define CV_Error(code, msg)
Call the error handler.
Definition base.hpp:320
int main(int argc, char *argv[])
Definition highgui_qt.cpp:3
"black box" representation of the file storage associated with a file on disk.
Definition core.hpp:102
STL namespace.