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cudastereo.hpp File Reference
#include "opencv2/core/cuda.hpp"
#include "opencv2/calib3d.hpp"
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class  cv::cuda::DisparityBilateralFilter
 Class refining a disparity map using joint bilateral filtering. : More...
class  cv::cuda::StereoBeliefPropagation
 Class computing stereo correspondence using the belief propagation algorithm. : More...
class  cv::cuda::StereoBM
 Class computing stereo correspondence (disparity map) using the block matching algorithm. : More...
class  cv::cuda::StereoConstantSpaceBP
 Class computing stereo correspondence using the constant space belief propagation algorithm. : More...
class  cv::cuda::StereoSGM
 The class implements the modified H. Hirschmuller algorithm [126]. Limitation and difference are as follows: More...


namespace  cv
 "black box" representation of the file storage associated with a file on disk.
namespace  cv::cuda


Ptr< cuda::DisparityBilateralFiltercv::cuda::createDisparityBilateralFilter (int ndisp=64, int radius=3, int iters=1)
 Creates DisparityBilateralFilter object.
Ptr< cuda::StereoBeliefPropagationcv::cuda::createStereoBeliefPropagation (int ndisp=64, int iters=5, int levels=5, int msg_type=CV_32F)
 Creates StereoBeliefPropagation object.
Ptr< cuda::StereoBMcv::cuda::createStereoBM (int numDisparities=64, int blockSize=19)
 Creates StereoBM object.
Ptr< cuda::StereoConstantSpaceBPcv::cuda::createStereoConstantSpaceBP (int ndisp=128, int iters=8, int levels=4, int nr_plane=4, int msg_type=CV_32F)
 Creates StereoConstantSpaceBP object.
Ptr< cuda::StereoSGMcv::cuda::createStereoSGM (int minDisparity=0, int numDisparities=128, int P1=10, int P2=120, int uniquenessRatio=5, int mode=cv::cuda::StereoSGM::MODE_HH4)
 Creates StereoSGM object.
void cv::cuda::drawColorDisp (InputArray src_disp, OutputArray dst_disp, int ndisp, Stream &stream=Stream::Null())
 Colors a disparity image.
void cv::cuda::reprojectImageTo3D (GpuMat disp, GpuMat &xyzw, Mat Q, int dst_cn=4, Stream &stream=Stream::Null())
void cv::cuda::reprojectImageTo3D (InputArray disp, OutputArray xyzw, InputArray Q, int dst_cn=4, Stream &stream=Stream::Null())
 Reprojects a disparity image to 3D space.