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tracking.detail.hpp File Reference
#include "opencv2/core.hpp"
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struct  cv::detail::tracking::TrackerSamplerCSC::Params
class  cv::detail::tracking::TrackerFeature
 Abstract base class for TrackerFeature that represents the feature. More...
class  cv::detail::tracking::TrackerFeatureSet
 Class that manages the extraction and selection of features. More...
class  cv::detail::tracking::TrackerModel
 Abstract class that represents the model of the target. More...
class  cv::detail::tracking::TrackerSampler
 Class that manages the sampler in order to select regions for the update the model of the tracker [AAM] Sampling e Labeling. See table I and section III B. More...
class  cv::detail::tracking::TrackerSamplerAlgorithm
 Abstract base class for TrackerSamplerAlgorithm that represents the algorithm for the specific sampler. More...
class  cv::detail::tracking::TrackerSamplerCSC
 TrackerSampler based on CSC (current state centered), used by MIL algorithm TrackerMIL. More...
class  cv::detail::tracking::TrackerStateEstimator
 Abstract base class for TrackerStateEstimator that estimates the most likely target state. More...
class  cv::detail::tracking::TrackerTargetState
 Abstract base class for TrackerTargetState that represents a possible state of the target. More...


namespace  cv
 "black box" representation of the file storage associated with a file on disk.
namespace  cv::detail
namespace  cv::detail::tracking


typedef std::vector< std::pair< Ptr< TrackerTargetState >, float > > cv::detail::tracking::ConfidenceMap
 Represents the model of the target at frame \(k\) (all states and scores)
typedef std::vector< Ptr< TrackerTargetState > > cv::detail::tracking::Trajectory
 Represents the estimate states for all frames.