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ovis.hpp File Reference
#include <opencv2/core.hpp>


class  cv::ovis::WindowScene


 "black box" representation of the file storage associated with a file on disk.


enum  cv::ovis::EntityProperty {
enum  cv::ovis::MaterialProperty {
enum  cv::ovis::SceneSettings {
  cv::ovis::SCENE_SEPARATE = 1,
  cv::ovis::SCENE_INTERACTIVE = 2,
  cv::ovis::SCENE_SHOW_CS_CROSS = 4,
  cv::ovis::SCENE_AA = 8,
  cv::ovis::SCENE_OFFSCREEN = 16,
  cv::ovis::SCENE_SHADOWS = 32


void cv::ovis::addResourceLocation (const String &path)
void cv::ovis::createGridMesh (const String &name, const Size2f &size, const Size &segments=Size(1, 1))
void cv::ovis::createPlaneMesh (const String &name, const Size2f &size, InputArray image=noArray())
void cv::ovis::createPointCloudMesh (const String &name, InputArray vertices, InputArray colors=noArray())
void cv::ovis::createTriangleMesh (const String &name, InputArray vertices, InputArray normals=noArray(), InputArray indices=noArray())
Ptr< WindowScene > cv::ovis::createWindow (const String &title, const Size &size, int flags=SCENE_INTERACTIVE|SCENE_AA)
void cv::ovis::setMaterialProperty (const String &name, int prop, const Scalar &value)
void cv::ovis::setMaterialProperty (const String &name, int prop, const String &value)
void cv::ovis::setMaterialProperty (const String &name, int prop, InputArray value)
void cv::ovis::setMaterialProperty (const String &name, const String &prop, const Scalar &value)
void cv::ovis::updateTexture (const String &name, InputArray image)
int cv::ovis::waitKey (int delay=0)