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An example using copyMakeBorder function. Check the corresponding tutorial for more details

using namespace cv;
// Declare the variables
Mat src, dst;
int top, bottom, left, right;
int borderType = BORDER_CONSTANT;
const char* window_name = "copyMakeBorder Demo";
RNG rng(12345);
int main( int argc, char** argv )
const char* imageName = argc >=2 ? argv[1] : "lena.jpg";
// Loads an image
src = imread( samples::findFile( imageName ), IMREAD_COLOR ); // Load an image
// Check if image is loaded fine
if( src.empty()) {
printf(" Error opening image\n");
printf(" Program Arguments: [image_name -- default lena.jpg] \n");
return -1;
// Brief how-to for this program
printf( "\n \t copyMakeBorder Demo: \n" );
printf( "\t -------------------- \n" );
printf( " ** Press 'c' to set the border to a random constant value \n");
printf( " ** Press 'r' to set the border to be replicated \n");
printf( " ** Press 'ESC' to exit the program \n");
namedWindow( window_name, WINDOW_AUTOSIZE );
// Initialize arguments for the filter
top = (int) (0.05*src.rows); bottom = top;
left = (int) (0.05*src.cols); right = left;
Scalar value( rng.uniform(0, 255), rng.uniform(0, 255), rng.uniform(0, 255) );
copyMakeBorder( src, dst, top, bottom, left, right, borderType, value );
imshow( window_name, dst );
char c = (char)waitKey(500);
if( c == 27 )
{ break; }
else if( c == 'c' )
{ borderType = BORDER_CONSTANT; }
else if( c == 'r' )
{ borderType = BORDER_REPLICATE; }
return 0;
n-dimensional dense array class
Definition mat.hpp:812
int cols
Definition mat.hpp:2138
bool empty() const
Returns true if the array has no elements.
int rows
the number of rows and columns or (-1, -1) when the matrix has more than 2 dimensions
Definition mat.hpp:2138
Random Number Generator.
Definition core.hpp:2889
Definition base.hpp:270
iiiiii|abcdefgh|iiiiiii with some specified i
Definition base.hpp:269
int main(int argc, char *argv[])
Definition highgui_qt.cpp:3
"black box" representation of the file storage associated with a file on disk.
Definition core.hpp:102