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Alpha Matting

Detailed Description

Information Flow algorithm implementaton for alphamatting

Alpha matting is used to extract a foreground object with soft boundaries from a background image.

This module is dedicated to computing alpha matte of objects in images from a given input image and a greyscale trimap image that contains information about the foreground, background and unknown pixels. The unknown pixels are assumed to be a combination of foreground and background pixels. The algorithm uses a combination of multiple carefully defined pixels affinities to estimate the opacity of the foreground pixels in the unkown region.

The implementation is based on [7].

This module was developed by Muskaan Kularia and Sunita Nayak as a project for Google Summer of Code 2019 (GSoC 19).


void cv::alphamat::infoFlow (InputArray image, InputArray tmap, OutputArray result)
 Compute alpha matte of an object in an image.

Function Documentation

◆ infoFlow()

void cv::alphamat::infoFlow ( InputArray  image,
InputArray  tmap,
OutputArray  result 

#include <opencv2/alphamat.hpp>

Compute alpha matte of an object in an image.

imageInput RGB image
tmapInput greyscale trimap image
resultOutput alpha matte image

The function infoFlow performs alpha matting on a RGB image using a greyscale trimap image, and outputs a greyscale alpha matte image. The output alpha matte can be used to softly extract the foreground object from a background image. Examples can be found in the samples directory.