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Intel VA-API/OpenCL (CL-VA) interoperability

Detailed Description

This section describes Intel VA-API/OpenCL (CL-VA) interoperability.

To enable basic VA interoperability build OpenCV with libva library integration enabled: -DWITH_VA=ON (corresponding dev package should be installed).

To enable advanced CL-VA interoperability support on Intel HW, enable option: -DWITH_VA_INTEL=ON (OpenCL integration should be enabled which is the default setting). Special runtime environment should be set up in order to use this feature: correct combination of libva, OpenCL runtime and media driver should be installed.

Check usage example for details: samples/va_intel/va_intel_interop.cpp




void cv::va_intel::convertFromVASurface (VADisplay display, VASurfaceID surface, Size size, OutputArray dst)
 Converts VASurfaceID object to OutputArray. More...
void cv::va_intel::convertToVASurface (VADisplay display, InputArray src, VASurfaceID surface, Size size)
 Converts InputArray to VASurfaceID object. More...

Function Documentation

◆ convertFromVASurface()

void cv::va_intel::convertFromVASurface ( VADisplay  display,
VASurfaceID  surface,
Size  size,
OutputArray  dst 

#include <opencv2/core/va_intel.hpp>

Converts VASurfaceID object to OutputArray.

display- VADisplay object.
surface- source VASurfaceID object.
size- size of image represented by VASurfaceID object.
dst- destination OutputArray.

◆ convertToVASurface()

void cv::va_intel::convertToVASurface ( VADisplay  display,
InputArray  src,
VASurfaceID  surface,
Size  size 

#include <opencv2/core/va_intel.hpp>

Converts InputArray to VASurfaceID object.

display- VADisplay object.
src- source InputArray.
surface- destination VASurfaceID object.
size- size of image represented by VASurfaceID object.